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File #: 21-984    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Consent Calendar Status: Agenda Ready
File created: 7/9/2021 In control: Council and Authorities Concurrent Meeting
On agenda: 8/24/2021 Final action: 8/24/2021
Title: Action to Approve an Office of Traffic Safety Selective Traffic Enforcement Program Grant and Related Budget Amendment
Attachments: 1. Office of Traffic Safety Grant Agreement, 2. Agenda Report, 3. Master, 4. Master, 5. Master




Action to Approve an Office of Traffic Safety Selective Traffic Enforcement Program Grant and Related Budget Amendment




Deliver and Enhance High Quality Efficient Services and Infrastructure



The California Office of Traffic Safety’s (OTS) mission is to effectively and efficiently administer traffic safety grant funds to reduce traffic deaths, injuries and economic losses.


Funding is dependent on OTS rankings. OTS rankings were developed so individual cities can compare their traffic safety statistics with cities of comparable population sizes. Data for the rankings is taken from several agencies, including the California Highway Patrol, Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, California Department of Transportation, California Department of Justice and the Department of Finance. These figures identify emerging or on-going traffic safety problem areas. OTS rankings are one of several factors utilized to determine OTS grant funding. With this information, individual agencies can develop a plan to combat these issues.


Following approval from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, the Police Department has been the recipient of several OTS grants in previous years:  $24,900 in Fiscal Year 20/21;  $70,000 in Fiscal Year 19/20 (the coronavirus pandemic impacted the ability to fully implement the grant goals and objectives);  $35,000 in Fiscal Year 17/18;  and $50,000 in Fiscal Year 14/15.



In January 2020, the Police Department submitted a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) grant application to OTS. 


Through a competitive process, the Police Department was tentatively approved for a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) grant in the amount of $75,000. This tentative award is contingent upon final approval from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which will not be granted until the City’s governing body has authorized by motion the execution of grant-related documents. The funder is working with the Police Department on the grant development process with a grant period that will be October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022.


With OTS financial support, the Police Department will have the ability to offer overtime opportunities (overtime is a Direct Allowable Cost category under this specific State grant program) to officers to implement the following public awareness efforts and enforcement operations:

                     Initial press release announcing grant partnership

                     Participate in Office of Traffic Safety education campaigns (e.g. National Walk to School Day, National Teen Driver Safety Week, Distracted Driving Awareness Month, etc.) throughout the grant term

                     Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and driver’s license checkpoint

                     Pedestrian and bicycle enforcement operations with an emphasis on area(s) with high pedestrian traffic and/or past collisions involving pedestrians and/or bicyclists

                     Traffic enforcement operations with a focus on distracted driving, especially through the use of handheld cell phones and texting


                     Traffic enforcement operations with an emphasis on seat belt enforcement

                     Saturation patrols to increase the number of officers in a small area to maximize the number of DUI arrests

                     The purchase and distribution of bicycle helmets, reflective armbands and/or head/taillights

In addition, the grant includes funding for member(s) of the Traffic Unit to attend training supporting the grant goals. Anticipated travel includes attendance at Driving Under the Influence Checkpoint Training.



The action being considered does not constitute a “project” within the meaning of the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) pursuant to CEQA Guidelines section 15378(b)(5) in that it is a governmental organizational or administrative activity that will not result in direct or indirect changes in the environment.



Acceptance of an Office of Traffic Safety Selective Traffic Enforcement Program Grant will allow the Police Department to be reimbursed up to $75,000 in police officer overtime for approved public awareness efforts, enforcement operations and training.


The Police Department will be responsible for fulfilling standard grant requirements, such as compiling data to submit to OTS, invoicing and media requirements. These items are not reimbursable as part of the grant.




Budget Amendment

FY 2021/22




Increase/ (Decrease)


Police Operating Grant Trust Fund












Other Agencies Revenue












Selective Traffic Enforcement Program Grant






This report was coordinated with the City Attorney’s Office and City Manager’s Office.



Public contact was made by posting the Council agenda on the City’s official-notice bulletin board outside City Hall Council Chambers. A complete agenda packet is available on the City’s website and in the City Clerk’s Office at least 72 hours prior to a Regular Meeting and 24 hours prior to a Special Meeting. A hard copy of any agenda report may be requested by contacting the City Clerk’s Office at (408) 615-2220, email <> .




1. Approve the Office of Traffic Safety Selective Traffic Enforcement Program Grant;

2. Consistent with City Charter Section 1305, “At any meeting after the adoption of the budget, the City Council may amend or supplement the budget by motion adopted by the affirmative votes of at least five members so as to authorize the transfer of unused balances appropriated for one purpose to another purpose, or to appropriate available revenue not included in the budget,” approve the FY 2021/22 budget amendment in the Police Operating Grant Trust Fund to recognize grant revenue in the amount of $75,000 and establish a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program Grant appropriation in the amount of $75,000 (five affirmative Council votes required to appropriate additional revenue); and

3. Authorize the Chief of Police, City Manager and Finance Director to sign the required grant-related documents.


Reviewed by: Pat Nikolai, Chief of Police

Approved by: Deanna J. Santana, City Manager




1. Office of Traffic Safety Grant Agreement